Reclamation will be reducing releases from Crystal Reservoir during the coming weeks in response to the day fall conditions and to provide low river elevations for the Brown Trout. Spawn.  The target base flow for the Black Canyon will be 400 cfs this winter due to the current dry conditions. On saturday Oct. 16th at 4 pm, releasses from Crystal dam will be reduced by 100 cfs resulting in a flow in the Black Canyon and Gunnison Gorge of about 500 cfs.  During the coming weeks, as the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users reduce diversions through the Gunnison Tunnel, there will  probably be some minor flow  fluctuations in the river.  Flows in the Gunnison Gorge and Black Canyon will  settle in the 400 cfs range sometime during the last two weeks of October.  
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Gunnison River Expeditions ran a trip on Oct. 10th and the fishing was good. Streamers, hoppers, red copper johns and ten ten worms were working well. We were catching a lot of fish in the Boulder Garden to T-Dike area where the flash had occurred some time ago.  We got reports from the Fish & Game that the fish in the U-Park area are still strong with 6000 fish per mile; no noticible effect from the rains. Salmon fly hatch dates are available.

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The Lower Gunnison has been fishing well. A mixed bag of activity. The mayfly hatch and tricot hatch have been coming off every afternoon. The fish are still eating hoppers, red san juan worms and red copper johns as well as streamer patterns.

Guys fishing