According to the Aspinall meeting on 4/25/2013, The snowpack in the Gunnison is 89% of normal. Projected flows are going to be from mid June through July 10th around 697 CFS. At this time they do not have a date for a 24 hour peak flow. The Bureau of Reclamation thinks they will be running around 300-340 CFS from now to the Mid-June point. For more information you can look at the models from the presentation at .

Today’s flow through the Gunnison Gorge is 314 CFS at 2:45pm. With the North Fork coming in at 138 CFS the flows at the Pleasure Park are at 452 CFS on the Lower Gunnison to Austin. The lower Gunnison is stained but fishing well, the upper Gunnison is gin clear also fishing very well. Stonefly nymphs, midges, streamers, and BWO’s are all working. We still have Salmon Fly hatch dates available. For more information please call us at 970-872-3232.