Gunnison Gorge & the Lower Gunnison of the Black Canyon 

At this time we’re expecting the water to increase up to 800 CFS from the 4th to the 7th of October. The Fish and Game will be doing their fall shocking to determine how well the fry are doing. The Browns are on full spawn at this time. Lots of big browns & rainbows stacked up behind them on the gravel bars. The fishing has been fantastic – still fishing hoppers, streamers, bead heads – the fish are eating pretty much everything we present to them. 

The lower Gunnison is clear from the Confluence to Austin and fishing well. The MicroMay seems to be the fly of choice as well as all of the flies mentioned above. Still looking at large terrestrials, streamers, caddis, tricos and all the small bead heads patterns. 

We do have a weather change in the forecast with 30% chance of rain for this coming week with some overcast skies, which will make the streamer fishing hot. The Gorge should be back down to 600 CFS by Thursday. 

Tip of the day – Avoid walking through the spawning beds! 

The horse-packer is done for the season for hauling our gear into the Black Canyon. However, we will be running strong as long as the weather allows.